About Mirrie Dancers, what we make and where to find us

Dave's New Lerwick Shop

The Story of Mirrie Dancers Chocolates

Little did I know that when I decided to make some locally inspired chocolate for a food fair – to promote a local gin – that my life would take a turn in a new and completely unexpected direction… I created a Seaweed Chocolate to accompany the gin, using Shetland Seaweed as its Botanical.

It was an instant hit with the chocolate disappearing almost immediately. So, from this simple beginning, and with a passion for wanting to produce a local, high-quality product, the seed was planted and the plan began to form to be the UK's most northerly chocolate company.

We love classic flavour combinations with a local twist, like our Orkney Chocolate Fudge Bar, or our Highland Park whisky truffle bar.   We also love plants and - increasingly - produce more plant-based chocolates... oat cream has been our friend in this endeavour and we love that it's a truly northern addition to our ingredients!  You can find out more about our ingredients - and allergens - here.

After a career as an army masterchef, I wanted to live somewhere amazing and do something I loved. After a short spell in the oil facilities management industry in Shetland I returned to my first love…  Food… and naturally chocolate! Having started in Shetland, our shop is now in Kirkwall in Orkney, to allow us to visit look after our family on the mainland a little more easily.


Inspired by my new home

I might be relatively new to the northern isles, but our company’s roots are very local – from starting with Shetland Seaweed Chocolate to now having our shop in Kirkwall and being stocked a small number of other locations – we also ship all over the world to people who’ve visited our shops and love what we do.

Some people think I’m mad to make chocolates on our most northern isles, but every day I am inspired by our islands, and the people here.  I am proud to take our name from the Shetland name for the Northern Lights...  the Mirrie Dancers, or the Merrie Dancers in Orkney which inspire our work, along with the nature that surrounds us, and our unique island produce. Who wouldn't be inspired by this? Captured here by our photographer Austin Taylor... it's right here on our doorstep - literally some nights!

I am blown away by what I’ve discovered here and I am passionate about bringing our islands and their produce to the rest of the world. I hope you love what we have to offer.