Our individual Truffles & Pralines

We are delighted to be able to offer you the ability to choose your own selection, so here's a short guide to our handmade chocolates. 

If you would like to make your own selection, you can choose your own, or select one our our collections of favourites.

All our ingredients and allergen information is also available to help you choose.

 Arkh Angell praline - Ruby chocolate with Arkh Angell gin from the Kirkjuvagr distillery in Orkney - fresh and fruity

Cherry & Amaretto praline - A smooth milk chocolate with classic cherry and Amaretto

Cherry Pistachio truffle - Dark Chocolate truffle with cherry, rolled in Persian pistachios

Chilli praline - Dark Chocolate ganache made with oat cream, warmed with a subtle hit of warming chilli

Christmas Pudding Truffle - All the fruits, spices and alcohol in a Christmas pudding, wrapped in a luxurious dark ganache

Dark Gianduja truffle - Dark Chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut truffle

Milk Gianduja truffle - Milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut truffle
Highland Park truffle - Dark Chocolate made from Tanzanie single origin 75% chocolate, with Highland Park 12-year old single malt whisky
Mango & ginger - Milk chocolate truffle with ginger and mango Mikkelmas praline - Dark Chocolate praline with spiced Orkney Mikkelmas gin
Ocean Sent truffle - Dark Chocolate with an ocean-botanicals Shetland Gin. Passionfruit praline - Milk chocolate praline with tangy passionfruit and local Shetland honey
Port and Stilton truffle - Sounds odd - definitely works!!! a dark truffle with port and stilton rolled in mixed chocolates curls Raspberry Dancer praline - Our very first chocolate - a dark Chocolate praline with a beautiful northern fruit - you can't beat raspberry and dark chocolate! And this is decorated like our gorgeous Mirrie Dancers
Rhubarb gin truffle - Dark Chocolate truffle with this fruity Orkney gin Rum & Raisin truffle - Caribe single-origin milk chocolate truffle with Orkney J. Gow Spiced Rum and plump Lexia raisins.... this is new and an instant hit!
Salted Caramel praline - Milk chocolate with Shetland sea salt caramel - a classic with a local twist Shetland Whisky marzipan truffle - Dark Chocolate whisky truffle on top of a layer of marzipan - luxurious and smooth
Simmer Gin praline - Milk chocolate with summery orange botanical gin from Shetland

Smoked Salted Caramel praline - A classic with a twist - a dark chocolate praline filled with smoked shetland sea salt caramel - this is a new take on salted caramel!

Strawberry balsamic praline - Dark Chocolate praline, topped with a small dot of strawberry purée, &, balsamic créme gel - dark, fruity with bit of a tang! The Orkney Roastery truffle - Dark Chocolate with Orkney Roastery Espresso - very smooth